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10 whimsical songs that are perfect for your yoga music playlist

10 whimsical songs that are perfect for your yoga music playlist
10 whimsical songs that are perfect for your yoga music playlist

To me, yoga music is everything. I love to spend an afternoon browsing for new songs and discovering artists that I can add to the variety of playlists I keep for different styles of yoga. The right music helps me to dive deeper into my practice and to connect to my inner strength. Plus: a well-built playlist provides structure and binds the practice together into one big yummy flow.

Selecting the right kind of yoga music is very personal and can sometimes be a little tricky. Sound is a major factor in setting a particular atmosphere and it requires some practice to find out what kind of music helps you to focus on your body and breath, instead of distracting you from it. What’s lovely to listen to while cleaning your home might very well be super annoying if you’re trying to maintain your focus while you’re in headstand.

I love to pick my teachers’ brains and ask them about their favorite artists for yoga music. I always find it fascinating to hear about what kind of music they are drawn to, as it reflects the intention they bring to their classes and the experience they want their students to have. And sometimes their surprising choices come with the best stories about where they first discovered the music!

So for your inspiration, here are 10 of my favorite whimsical yoga tunes that are guaranteed to put me in the perfect mood for some asana goodness.

1. Spiritual State – Nujabes

I discovered this beautiful album while browsing a good old-fashioned CD store in Tokyo, Japan. Upon hearing the first notes I was immediately sold. The delightfully surprising combination of soft sounds and piano notes will gently take you away to another plane. It’s my absolute favorite track of all time.

2. I love NYE – Badly Drawn Boy

You can hear the love seeping out of every note of this sweet instrumental piece of magic. It’s not for nothing that this is a very popular song for walking down the aisle. Play this and you’ll be flowing through your asana’s with an instant sense of unity and self-love. You’re welcome.

3. Kusanagi – Odesza

This track is as good as melancholy gets. It takes me back to a sweet, intangible state of mind that I vaguely seem to remember from childhood with it’s mellow yet profound and powerful vibe. It’s the perfect companion for the closing poses of your practice and will make you blissfully sink into savasana.

4. Satyam – Bangalore Master

If you’re looking for more of an Indian vibe without getting too funky, these tunes will definitely do the trick. It’s sophisticated, laid-back and if you light a stick of incense and close your eyes, it won’t be hard to imagine yourself saluting the sun in Rishikesh at dawn.

5. Oceans – Petit Biscuit

This one needs some getting used to, as it seems to be a little offbeat. But once you’re sold, it’s a great song for accompanying a smooth and energizing vinyasa flow. It has just the right level of rhythm and the upbeat vibe will put that gentle yogi smile on your face.

6. Sweet Tides – Thievery Corporation

The name says it all. It’s calming, dreamy, and just purely sweet. I fell in love with this song when I was living in Rome and I used to play it for my cooling down after my early morning runs in Villa Ada park. It brings back magical memories of the calm glistening lake, the sound of my sneakers on the empty gravel paths, the smell of damp oak leafs and the warming rays of the rising sun kissing my skin before the hectic city came alive. Oh, those days…

7. Baleen Morning – Balmorhea

Another moving, deep and peaceful track. This beautiful piano masterpiece continues to touch me right in the heart every single time. Maybe it’s just my HSP traits, but I love how this song seems to clarify and amplify whatever emotion I am experiencing while I listen to it. Perfect for a deeper, more reflective part of your practice and for accompanying hip openers.

8. Rose – Ludovico Einaudi

This is still one of my favorites as it comes to piano music. It’s so clean and simple yet so immensely powerful. The subtle and soft tones carry so much meaning and take you on a gentle journey inwards as you sink into a deep and relaxing savasana. It’s just perfection.

9. Feathering – Hiatus

This graceful ambient piece of bliss does its name justice. The gentle, light and beautiful piano notes accompanied by the touching strokes of the violin make you feel like you’re floating through your vinaya’s like a feather in the wind (well, almost..)

10. Magic – Coldplay

I think I like the instrumental version of this killer Coldplay song is even better than the one with lyrics. It has everything and more to help you start off your practice of in a focused and easy flow. The steady beat carries a lot of empowerment and when the guitar chimes in you can just feel the energy rushing through your bones. Yep, that’s magic indeed.

So, that’s my list of personal favorites as it comes to whimsical yoga playlist songs. Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried out one of these during your practice! Also I’d love to hear about your favorite yoga music artists. As always, write me in the comments to share your wisdom.

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    July 28, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    I really like the songs on your playlist. But I am looking for a playlist for an hr long class that is in order from warmup to cool down and Savasana. I teach to women in recovery from substance abuse.

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